Okay guys. I wanna clear something up. If a game doesn't work, it's not my problem. It's your internet connection. So stop emailing me about games not working because that's not my fault.
You don't need logins, nor would anyone know any logins. Don't be dumb. And don't caps lock. It's no more likely to be read, and frankly, it just really pisses me off. If you want on a website during school, bring a flashdrive with the program UltraS
The main page contains pretty much everything, BUT, i did decide, I'm just going to remake this site so don't worry guys!
Okay so this is the blog where we will announce new games, site additions, and other news. Forums will be added soon so you can talk to strangers about your favorite games! Be careful and DO NOT give out any personal informations. Ever. no matter what. except your first name... That's okay sometimes
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